Finding the Best Plumber in the Chicago Area

How to Find a Plumber

find plumbersWhen you’re having an issue with your plumbing it is important to call in professional help. A plumber can take care of the issue and have the plumbing working again in no time. There are some things to look for when hiring a professional plumber which we cover on Plumbability.

Best Chicago Area Plumbers

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These are just some of the important things to look for when hiring a professional plumber. A person needs to make sure the plumber is honest, hard working, and will give them a hair and honest price. A professional plumber cares about their reputation and will make sure that their clients are happy with their work.

Certifications and Licensing

Many states require that a professional plumber have some kind of license or certification in the plumbing field in order to work in that particular state. When looking for a plumber be sure to ask about their qualifications as well as licensing information. Be sure to check with a state agency to make sure the license is valid and in good standing. If there have been any complaints or issues with the plumber a person can also find out that information.


Be sure the plumber is fully insured. They need to carry at least liability insurance. Even experienced plumbers may accidentally cause damage to the home. This will protect the home in case of accidents. If the plumber has a helper with them be sure to ask if they carry workers’ compensation insurance in case the helper gets hurt. A professional plumber will have no problem providing copies of their insurance.

plumbingCheck with the Better Business Bureau

Before hiring a plumber be sure to check with the BBB to make sure the plumber is as professional as they sound. This agency will be able to tell if there have been any complaints filed about the plumber in the past.

Get an Estimate in Writing

During an emergency people may forget to get an estimate. They just want the problem fixed. This can end up costing them much more in the end. A plumber may tack on extra charges and fees and the customer will have to pay them. While there may be additional expenses during the job be sure to get everything in writing. The estimate will show what work is covered so a person can have a good idea of how much they are going to have to pay.

best plumberAsk For References

A plumber that has been in business a number of years should have no problem providing some references. References can include former clients. This way there is someone that can vouch that the plumber does a professional job and that their work is completed on time. A person can also ask if they were able to complete the project within the given budget.

Ask About a Guarantee

Many professional plumbers will offer a guarantee on their work. They may offer this for a limited time after completing the job. This will help protect clients. If something were to happen the plumber would have to come back and fix it.